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Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL
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by JPSWEEN on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL
Historic Home Expert

I found Erin after researching top producers in the Avondale/Riverside/Ortega. We also wanted someone who lived in the community, knew it well, and understood the in's and out's of homes in the area. Erin was knowledgeable, attentive, understanding, and on top of his game. We would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home...especially in this area. We couldn't recommend him more highly!

by Kasey C. on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

"Erin and his team did an amazing job from start to finish. From the beautiful staging and photography, to the exceptional communication and personal attention he provided, I highly recommend Erin as a listing agent. He is an expert on the historic nature of the Riverside area and was able to smooth out a couple of would-be rough patches in the process through his knowledge of real estate law and professionals to get the job done. From listing day to closing day, the process was smooth, quick, and pleasant. "

by David M. on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

My wife and I had a great experience working with Erin King when buying our home. As first-time home buyers from out of town, there was a lot of stuff that was entirely new to us, and Erin did a great job of walking us through everything we needed to do and when we need to have it done by. Further, as the type of person who likes to plan things out, and who can react poorly to unexpected negative events, Erin did a very good job of talking me off the ledge at times and explaining the various possible eventualities. Everything (document reviews and signings, etc.) was done electronically, with a minimum of fuss. Erin also recommended all the various inspectors and such required, who were all very good, and took responsibility for being at the house when needed.

We unfortunately were dealing with sellers who made misrepresentations on some of their disclosures, as well as (in my opinion) at best incompetent and at worst dishonest seller-side agents (Watson Realty - be warned!). But Erin was helpful in advising us on how to make sure they lived up to their obligations, even when they were resistant or delaying in fulfilling their responsibilities. My one piece of advice (true in any case, I'd guess) is to understand that your realtor is a repeat player in the industry, and therefore will naturally be less aggressive than you want them to be -- don't feel like (as I did early on) you're being unreasonable when you want to take a harder line than your realtor advises at first, you're just protecting your investment. Erin was very good at presenting the full set of options.

Highly recommend this group!

by - Craig on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

Erin was absolutely amazing helping my wife and I find our first home. He assisted us in every part of the process, helping us understand what the steps were, answering questions, and informing us of things we never knew to even think of. Erin has an extensive network of companies he's worked with and provided valuable advice so that we walked away with the best deal imaginable ... far surpassing our own expectations. "

by Eric L. on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

Erin is a high energy, intelligent, persistent, communicative and confident professional. I was impressed when he first contacted me to introduce himself within minutes of my online inquiry into a particular listing. He also was a hero in leading the buying process from offer to close, all the while deftly handling my absence for much of it. "

by Sara & Andrew on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

" Erin helped us find our first home. On each home we toured, he was upfront and candid about the pros and cons of each home that he could see, and whether or not he felt it would meet our needs. He did not hesitate to tell us something we did not want to hear about a property. He is also extremely knowledgeable; every topic we asked him about he spoke to with ease, which was helpful for us as first-time home buyers. He even gave us guidance for maintaining and improving our home after the purchase. If he didn't have an answer on the spot he took note and got back to us later. He also catered not only to the business side of our purchase, but the emotional side of home buying as well. He constantly asked us how we were feeling, if we had any concerns or nervous thoughts to iron out. He cheerfully answered our calls and texts even after business hours. He talked through our fears with us by going over the facts, which helped us feel at ease, as buying a home can be scary. Overall we are really glad we chose Erin to help us find our home. He exceeded our expectations of a REALTOR. "

by Anonymous on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

Recently had the pleasure of working with Erin on purchasing my first home this past September. From the start I could tell that Erin was a master of his trade. He was very upfront and honest with me from the get go and I never felt pressured to make any decisions I wasn't comfortable with. He handled all the negotiations and organized the paperwork so it was all easy to understand. I was super nervous going into the process because I had heard so many home buying horror stories, but Erin made the process simple. I love my new home and I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to purchase in the area!!

by kwjax on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

My husband and I cannot imagine buying our first house without Erin, and actually we believe we wouldn’t have our home without him. From the first house we looked at to the day of closing and beyond, Erin has been an invaluable resource. His knowledge of the market, historic homes, and the home buying process combined with his commitment to the trade and future homeowners provides a strong foundation for success and a positive experience. He is available, proactive, and invested in your experience. We highly recommend Erin and are thankful for all his hard work to get us our first house!

by harrishayleym on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

Erin is amazing. Full of knowledge in so many areas! We felt taken care of, in the loop, understood, and beyond when working with him. We have referred him and he did a great job with that family as well! We look forward to using him again when the time comes.

by sarahart55 on Historic Real Estate | Jacksonville, FL

I am new to the Jacksonville area and found that Erin is a wealth of knowledge about the history of this area. Most importantly Erin was able to refer me to local businesses for services and I was so pleased with all of them.
Buying a home is a complex and often stressful process. Erin was wonderful to work with. He was on top of the process every step of the way. He is an excellent negotiator. I feel we made an excellent deal that was fair for all involved.
Along with all of the experience and skills that Erin brings to the process, on a personal level he is fun and a pleasure to work with.

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